A Conversation can change the world

It was 2002. Six months after 9/11. How could we have let this happen?

In any organization, you will inevitably find the results of silo thinking. We focus on what is in front of us and many times forget the cascading impact of missed conversations along the way.

There is a complex web of relationships that influence the strategy, planning, and execution of our security programs. Change is a constant. Disruption of our methods and our tools is inevitable. How do we optimize the transactions of value between the members of this ecosystem so that we can optimize our interactions and, in the end, our programs.

This conversation led to the formation of The Great Conversation in Security, an executive forum designed to tap into the front of mind issues that were being exposed by our experiences and our pain. And make visible the emerging trends that would be facing us in the future.

Since that time, we have brought the case studies forward from the security teams that have led the way in innovation and change. Microsoft’s CSO spoke for the first time on the transformation of his security program the technology platform he leveraged at one of the earliest conversations

Verizon’s CSO spoke on the transformation of his leadership IQ in a p0werfull and transparent conversation that changed the tone and tenor of many executives in the forum.

Tiffany’s CSO, Boeing’s CSO, and Children’s CIO led us to examine the challenges of navigating risk and value through the development of a leadership culture.

Through it all we have been at the forefront of issues in leadership, organizational development, enterprise security risk management, intelligence and technology for 17 years. Starting in Seattle, and now in Texas and Florida, we continue to attract leaders who want to change their world for the better.

Purpose, Passion and Community are the pillars of this forum. Join us at the roundtable of leaders who are looking forward into their future.