The Great Conversation™ is an orchestration of thought leaders and practitioners around an idea or a market sector. This orchestration can be a large or small forum; virtual or onsite. The premise of a great conversation is that ideas will change the world. Harnessing the ideas and then discussing their practical application can change market ecosystems. Innovations within market ecosystems will change leader’s strategy, planning and execution plans.

People perform roles in a process using technology. They are organized and managed. And in the best companies they are led to a greater purpose.

We invite you to imagine a round table of the brightest, purpose-driven minds available. And you have a seat at the table.

Today we have been conducting these forums in the risk, resilience and security industry. (The Great Conversation in Security.) Tomorrow it could be in your industry. Or it could be a focused discipline like leadership, organizational change, or diversity.

We look for the leaders. We look for the ideas. We look for the venue. And then we create the table.

A forum of strategic leadership
and innovative conversations.

This is where theory and practice converge!


Imagine the possibilities