Addressing the Silos that Define Us

On March 4&5, 2019, in Seattle, Washington, we intend to address the perceived constraints that are keeping executives from taking their programs to the next level. We will follow this up with a forum in Texas in the month of May.

We are holding private conversations with CSOs and their teams to tap into their front of mind issues and opportunities. Along with our qualitative and quantitative research, we will use these conversations to inform and infuse the forum.

We are also helping Lynn Mattice, a former CSO and industry thought leader, to conduct a conversation with senior leaders on November 12, during OSAC week. Dave Komendat, the CSO of Boeing, has graciously opened his doors at The Boeing Company’s facility in Arlington, Virginia for an exclusive and private discussion on some of the most important issues facing our profession. We call this an “Executive Summit Series”. Please let us know if we can help you get connected to this important community.

Lynn has been on a mission to aggregate case studies from his contacts in the industry that we can use to help define an approach to creating value and mitigating risk. We like to think about this exercise as setting the stage for best practices and then using that platform to improve on best practices. After all, the enemy of great is the acceptance of good enough.

One of the case studies we would like to see would be a strategy and execution plan for bridging the value between the CISO and the CSO. There are very few strategic resources to help them build bridges between their domains. We think the Summit and The Great Conversation’s role will be to elevate the necessity for this bridge to occur. The lack of one constrains us in so many dangerous ways.

Let us know if you have a compelling story that can contribute to your industry’s value. We would be honored to help you document it for your internal use and to share confidentially under Chatham House rules.

Looking forward to a great conversation.