An Interview with Dr. Zafar Choudry

Zafar's Picture.jpg

We interviewed the visionary CIO leader of Seattle Children’s in preparation for his presentation on March 4 at The Great Conversation in Security. It was clear when we first met him, that he is not a man to just keep the lights on, provisioning IT systems that help the hospital. He also wants to make the entire business of the hospital intelligent so that it anticipates and serves to create a unique experience for the stakeholders.

Why do leaders need a Great Conversation with their peers?

This is the best opportunity to learn from peers, share best practices and just have time to brainstorm and strategize with different industries

How does the mission and vision of your organization impact how you develop your security program?

Our mission is to take care of Kiddos, help them remain healthy, at the same time we have to keep them safe, as well as their caregivers.

What is the greatest constraint you have today, that if you overcame it, would take your program to an exponential level of performance?

There continues to be a disconnect between IT in healthcare and Facilities Management, such that the amalgamation of technology and physical security is still too far apart

What Did you share with your peers at the March forum?

I’m talked about the Real Time Healthcare System – the amalgamation of Cloud, Social, Mobile and Analytics in healthcare to make it more responsive. How the concept of situational awareness will impact business strategy, safety and security.

What DID YOU learn in this year’s great conversation?

I learned what other sectors are doing in the field of physical, logical and network security and how they are linking it directly to their business strategy