An Interview with Dylan Hayes of Seattle Children's

Dylan Hayes Headshot.jpg

Dylan Hayes, Manager, IT Security | Enterprise Security Technology at Seattle Children's Hospital – Research - Foundation, has been part of The Great Conversation community for some time. He has contributed his lessons learned willingly, and is an attentive student of his peers as they share as well.

This year, he will be joining a discussion around the current budgeting model of security and how it might be changing, as well as contributing his lessons learned in creating an information management platform that will serve the needs of the business now and into the future.

Dylan recently took a role under the CIO of Seattle Children’s

Why do leaders need a Great Conversation?

Leaders need a Great Conversation to continue to evolve synergy throughout the business, the community and the industry eco-system. Through challenge, collaboration, analysis, sharing of successes and mistakes and new ideas, this leadership forum is crucial to drive strategy, improvement, innovation and efficiency. The sharing of wisdom, concepts and skills is necessary to fine tune and perfect outcomes, operations and experience. Liken this to becoming a master of an art or professional athlete.

How does the mission and vision of your organization impact how you develop your security program?

Our security program must align with our value-based culture (specific values) and the fundamental objectives that directly impact the mission and vision initiatives.

What is the greatest constraint you have today, that if you overcame it, would take your program to an exponential level of performance?

Internally managing the performance, service and health of our system and components.

Why did the CIO want a physical security professional like you in his organization?

Technology, information and integration aligns with IT. It is a natural alignment of enterprise technology, strategy, service and support.

What do you hope to learn in this year’s great conversation?

The roadmap of the industry and the forward thinking strategy to manage the evolving technology landscape, provide exceptional customer service, and drive value to the business.