Creating the Future through a Great Conversation


Are you confident that your risk, resilience and security program is fully optimized? Are you satisfied with your value proposition to your organization’s senior leaders? Are you sure you know where the hidden costs of your program are and how you might leverage those costs to improve your situational awareness and actionable response?

If any of these questions give you pause, you deserve a great conversation with thought leaders and your peers.

A guiding coalition of senior risk and security executives helped shape what was an intense one-day forum designed for busy leaders and their teams on May 21 at Yum! Brands Center of Restaurant Excellence.

What is the promise based on past Great Conversations forums? You walk away with nuggets of wisdom from one or more of the speakers or panelists that you will want to activate before the end of the year.

The forum is based on educational tracks such as: Leadership, Strategy and Innovation, Organizational Strength, Enterprise Security Risk Management, Intelligence acquisition and planning and, of course, the track that can disrupt any best practice: Technology.

Our guest faculty is compelling:

  • CEO of Yum! Brands, Greg Creed, addressing the security executive community with an articulation of value that may become a manifesto for future leaders

  • Former Amazon Security Executive Ed Bacco, who leads a group of senior risk, resilience and security leaders known as the Enterprise Security Risk Group (eSRG), moderating a panel on the Uberization of Security and how it might be disrupting best practices for better practices.

  • Jonathan Shimp, the Vice President of Risk Management at Louis Vuitton discussing his journey on creating a new model of identifying, acquiring, measuring and maintaining his security technology infrastructure.

  • Transparent industry case studies on the business problems security executives face at their organization and how they assess it, quantify the cost, muster internal and external teams to address it and the solutions they begin to implement.

  • The Security Leader of Yum! Brands, Steven Antoine, assembles a cross functional panel to uncover the ROI of creating a leadership culture of diversity.

  • A security executive from Seattle Children’s Hospital describes his journey in uncovering the unique value in creating a intelligent communication strategy. Three leading vendors provide a current and future roadmap that can be described as Communication-as-a-Service featuring intelligibility, interoperability, and IT’s need for enterprise scale provisioning.

  • In this sensor driven world, or what many are calling IoT, we no longer have an option to disregard the needs of the business and the environment that the business functions within: a building, a campus and a city. We bring a team together that has constructed an intelligent building to discuss how leaders can begin to use the lessons learned to shape their digital transformation strategy.

  • If “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast,” then the polar opposite is culture’s ability to create a highly leveraged model for security and safety. Two great leaders, Tyson Aiken, Senior Director for Global Safety & Security for Nike Inc. and Garrett Petraia, Vice President of Global Security for Levi Strauss & Co. describe their journey in a transparent and intimate dialogue.