The Conversations Continue

The Great Conversation in Security is a two-day forum for risk, resilience and security executives and their teams. And, if it rested on that value alone, then it would be considered a success.

However, it would miss the fact that the conversations happen every week of the year, influencing how security executives lead their teams, define their programs and evaluate the technology that will drive innovation and business optimization.

One of the conversations we have been having all year long is around machine learning. Too many, this is one of those interesting subjects that will not have any bearing on their short-term goals. And that would be wrong. Most leaders need a better way to consume, analyze and report on the information they are collecting. The steps they are taking today could optimize the way they begin to “teach the machines” in the future.

And another conversation around Enterprise Risk Management with one of the thought leaders in our industry. Why not set the foundation before you build the house?

The insecurity of security was highlighted in our last conference in March. Real progress has been made since then in identifying the threats, most of which are due to a lack of business process between technology vendors, system integrators, consultants and specifiers. Now we are beginning to shape the thinking around this critical piece to the program so we can provide guidance in the future. Join the conversation on November 15 through this our monthly webinar series.

And why are technology vendors pivoting from application silos to integrated business intelligence architectures? Could we have a razor and blade model beginning to mature? The razors must be able to assure all of us that the blades are so critical that they are willing to attest to their interoperability and their security. Can this be done?

And we have had compelling discussions around leadership, change and a highly leveraged culture of safety and security. One discussion, between the executive leader of security at Nike and a principal with a risk consultancy, was featured in our last webinar. This monthly series continues November through February.

Please feel free to contact our Managing Director, Ron Worman (, to share what is “front of mind” for you and your team. By adding to the conversations, you help your colleagues, your industry and your community.