The Technology World is Evolving, Are You?

Steven Antoine, one of our Great Conversation faculty, had an article posted on Enterprise Security that is well worth the read. Written by Steven Antoine, Director, Global Assets Protection, Yum! Brands we have provided a starting point for the article and a link to read it here.

With the digitization of business, security often finds itself in the familiar, yet uncomfortable space of being reactionary; again. GTRM and the security of data typically are found in bifurcated skill sets, CISO vs. CSO. With the evolution and internet of things, everything is more connected. In the restaurant space, for example, predictive and prevention techniques are being refined as apps and gift, and credit cards are now the focus of the digital criminal enterprise. Camera and alarm vulnerabilities have to be (re)addressed as savvy hackers seek to become more criminally creative and less physically confrontational. The development of new tools such as facial recognition and artificial intelligence and the availability on consumer data make it such that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is being acted out in ways that five years ago couldn’t have been anticipated.

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